Flea Bites

What are Flea Bites?

Fleas, generally, aren’t picky eaters. If it’s warm, (maybe) hairy and about a thousand times the size of them, then they probably want a bite out of it.

Unfortunately for you, I and most of your pets, that means we make an attractive option for fleas that might be living in the home.

Fleas do bite people.

It’s likely that you’ll spot flea bites on your ankles, lower legs or feet more than any other part of your body. This is due to the fact that fleas infesting your home itself, rather than just your pets, will like to bed down in your carpets and rugs.

What do Flea Bites Look Like?

Flea bites on humans and animals are fairly similar. Flea bites on humans will usually show up as a small red dot-like bumps, not unlike many other insect or pest bites. Don’t be surprised or concerned if the dots are quite swollen or uncomfortable, this is nothing unusual.

Normally, you’ll spot a flea bite as part of a cluster or grouping of individual bumps, rather than just a singular welt.

Again, don’t be too alarmed or tricked into thinking that you must have a truly evil infestation. These are common signs… as far as flea infestations go in terms of commonality anyway.

Flea bites on your pets will be similar, with a more rusty colored edge (this is, perhaps, because your pets have much less self-discipline and will scratch those wounds like they’re going out of fashion).

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